When Should You Use Combi Boilers and Sealed System Boilers?

There are boilers in every home. They are a key part of any central heating system, being responsible for providing the hot water we need. Out of all the types of boiler available, by far the most popular nowadays are combination boilers (combi) and sealed system boilers.

These two types have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. If you’d like to know more about How Much do Replacement Combi Boilers Fitted Cost? or which one may be suitable for you, then read on…

Combination boilers

Prices Online For Gas Combi boilersThis is the type of boiler you will find in most homes across the UK. They are popular because they provide an endless stream of hot water and can fit into a relatively small space (often inside a cupboard). Water is heated directly from the mains with a combi boiler, making them very efficient and erasing the need to constantly heat and reheat the same water.

One of the drawbacks of combi boilers is related to the fact that there is no external water tank. This poses an issue if you are using multiple hot water outlets at once and will cause interruptions in the temperature and flow.

When are combi’s the right choice?

Combi boilers are perfect for those who live in a small house or a flat. Their small size allows them to be placed out of the way and minimises the obstruction a larger boiler can cause. They are also perfect if you need instant hot water, as you do not have to heat up an external tank first.

Combi boilers are not that great if you have multiple bathrooms or a large, busy house. The interruption in the hot water supply from using multiple taps or showers at once can be irritating. Nonetheless, they are great at being efficient and reducing heating bills, which often gets them the winning vote.

Sealed system boilers

The sealed system boiler is a much larger alternative to the combi boiler. You will need a place to keep an external tank where the hot water is stored. Although they take up considerably more room than a combi boiler, they do allow for you to run multiple hot water outlets at once without interrupting the heat or water pressure.

They are also relatively efficient and can be installed without too much difficulty.

When are sealed systems the right choice?

This type of boiler is an excellent choice for larger, busy homes and places where there are multiple bathrooms or showers. They are not that great in smaller homes because the external tank will use up considerable space. You’ll also have to wait for the water to be heated, which can sometimes be an issue.

However, as with combi boilers, they are efficient and will save you money on your heating bills compared to more traditional boiler types.

Prices Online For Gas Combi boilers
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